What was the intended purpose of the drug war?

Child Threatened by Rogue Cop

Was it to terrorize the American people? Was it to make sure that there was enough “crime” to justify the massive amount of police officers that are employed by local, state and federal governments? Was it to destroy the lives of countless innocent people around the world, to lock them in cages? To teach citizens obedience? To justify taking away our rights to privacy, property, dignity?  To give thugs incentives to get children hooked on poisons that they otherwise would have never contemplated taking? To give rise to more potent and dangerous drugs that never would have been invented? Was the so-called war on drugs just an excuse to give trigger happy, adrenaline junkies weapons to be used in the killing of innocent men, women, children, and family pets.  Was it intended to be the “WAR ON PEOPLE” that it has most certainly become?

I sincerely hope not. I really do believe that the intent was to protect innocent lives from something that was perceived to be dangerous. I do not believe that the state has any right to prohibit anything. But I do believe that many drugs are VERY DANGEROUS. I believe that, though very misguided, the war on drugs was meant to save lives and to keep our children from harm. So how did we get from trying to protect the innocent from harm, to harming the innocent? Because, instead of saving hundreds, maybe a thousand lives a year, in reality, millions are harmed, around the globe.

This is 180 degrees in the opposite direction of the intended course of these policies. And the consequences of these policies are no longer unintentional. In “A User’s Manual for the Human Experience“, Michael W. Dean says that “An apology only works the first time.” Meaning that when someone says sorry, that they should only have to say it once. That if a person has to say sorry over and over again, for the same things, that they are not sorry at all. So, every time I hear a PR person from the state say how tragic it is that a child was struck by a cruiser chasing a drug dealer, or how unfortunate it was that someone’s pet had to be shot, or how an 80 year old woman was terrorized in the dead of night because the police had the wrong door, or the wrong information, I say BULLSHIT!


You knew! The officer knew! His superiors know! The policy makers know! The politicians know, and the president knows. They ALL know that every-time that they do something to prohibit drugs, they WILL hurt many times more innocent people than they will protect.

You hear it all the time, “If what I do can save just one life, it is worth it.” Well, I have to ask “If you kill ten people, trying to save that one life, was it really worth doing over and over and over again?”

I really feel very frustrated by all of this.

If an organization had a plan that promised to relieve the suffering of hundreds of people, and when they put that plan into action, it killed thousands of people, what would happen? Would we give them more money, more power, and more killing devices? Of course we would! Because it’s “For the children”. Drugs are bad, Drug dealers and users are evil people. They must be stopped. NO MATTER WHAT!! That organization does whatever it wants, it answers to no-one. It doesn’t care about innocent children, it only cares that you care about innocent children, and that you keep feeding it.

If ending the “Drug War” can save just one innocent person, and I believe that it can save millions, why does it continue?

It continues because it feeds the lust for power.

“All governments suffer a recurring problem: Power attracts pathological personalities. It is not that power corrupts but that it is magnetic to the corruptible.”

–FRANK HERBERT, Chapterhouse: Dune


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13. September 2012 by sean
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