Fronthand Backhand

It is Wednesday morning, November 7, 2012. I just woke, and have been happy that I have avoided all coverage of the election until now. While I was laying in bed, I was thinking about how I had to explain why I wasn’t voting to the two guys I was working with yesterday. I told them that I thought voting was like using my time to go and beg for someone to either kick me in the balls, or kick me in the gut. That there was no way that I could know which one I would end up with, because both candidates were capable of, and promised, both.

Then it hit me this morning. The whole thing reminded me of a skit I saw last week on a Comedy Central show called “Key & Peele“. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are usually Obama humpers, but they are hilarious. One of them does a great Obama impression. They did a skit about the election last week that did surprise me, called “Dunk the Vote “.

But the skit I’m thinking about was not intentionally meant, in any way, to be political or about the election. It was called “Fronthand Backhand“. I’m sure we’ve all heard variations on this game, The only one I can think of at the moment is Bruce Willis’ Head or Gut in “The Last Boyscout”. It is a choice that is not a choice.

Go watch the skit. It’s here on Youtube, and I’ll be here when you get back. That’s Jordan Peele getting to make his choice. I’m sure by now the regular readers of this blog will know why I think that this skit reflects our election process. But I think I need to explain it to people that might not be familiar with our point of view.

Like in the skit, every 4 years, we the “Amerikan People” are asked to make a choice. We are led to believe that we must make this choice. That it is our “Duty” and our “Sacred Right”. You must choose the Fronthand or the Backhand. Yes, you can whine and say, “but what about the punch, or a kick, it’s my right to choose one of those even if it’s not on the ballot, right?” Yes, you can choose one of those. But what Jordan (at least as the character in the skit) doesn’t understand is that there is another choice. To not play. What the “Amerikan People” don’t see is that the whole thing is really be about choosing violence to be committed against you, or choosing not to play.

The Bummer about the Whole Thing

Now, I’m not saying that by choosing not to play, the violence will not happen to you. On the contrary, you will in all likelihood, still get slapped, still get a president you don’t want. But you will not feel like you begged to be slapped. You will not feel like you lost if your “choice” didn’t win.

This philosophy that we have here is not about winning. It’s not about beating our opponents. It’s about living how you want to live, living peacefully. For me, it’s about living a life, and making choices, that I feel good about. If I went into a little booth, and made a choice that made me feel dirty, I would not be living that life. If I told someone that I choose to be slapped. I would not be living that life. The only way, as far as politics is concerned, that I can live that life, is to not play.

Next time you’re given a choice that you don’t like, try to find the option that won’t leave you feeling like you betrayed yourself.


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07. November 2012 by sean
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